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"These children are not disordered. They may have a different style of thinking, attending, and behaving, but it's the broader social and educational influences that create the disorder, not the children."


Helping to Understand
Your Child’s Strengths and Challenges

Every child is unique and their abilities are influenced by a complex interaction between their genetic makeup, current school and home environments, peer group, past experiences and individual learning and coping styles. What appears to be a minor concern for one child can be a major challenge for another child.

Dr. Limbos is experienced in helping children and their families deal with a range of problems, from minor concerns about learning or behavior, to more complex cognitive and behavioral disorders such as autism or intellectual disabilities.

As a registered psychologist, specializing in child psychology, Dr. Limbos is qualified to conduct detailed assessments of a child’s functioning in a number of domains, make a formulation and diagnosis and provide remediation and treatment.

Getting Started

You do not need a doctor’s referral to see Dr. Limbos.  To initiate a referral or to find out more about our services simply click on the Request a Consultation link, email us at or call our office at (604) 346-6505. We welcome referrals from any person or professional, including parents or other caregivers, teachers, family physicians, nurse practitioners, pediatricians, psychiatrists, speech language pathologist, and psychological associates.

Age Ranges

Dr. Limbos is trained and registered to practice psychology with children, adults and families. However, most of her practice is focused on children and adolescence from birth through to 19 years of age and their families.

Language of Assessment

Dr. Limbos is bilingual in English and French and has a special area of interest in children learning English as a second language.