Psychotherapy & Remediation

Guided by the results of an assessment by Dr. Limbos or another professional, Dr. Limbos can assist in developing a detailed plan for treatment and remediation that is individualized for your child. Dr. Limbos has experience in treating children with a wide array of challenges. Treatment and remediation offered include:

  • Planning and implementing accommodations and modifications to educational curriculum
  • Helping to develop individual educational plans (IEPs) to address the child’s strengths and abilities
  • Tutoring and remediation for learning disabilities or difficulties
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, anxiety and related problems
  • Individual child psychodynamic or interpersonal therapy
  • Parent-child relationship counseling
  • Psychotherapy for grief, bereavement and trauma
  • Behavior therapy for management of behavior problems associated with autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, conduct and oppositional defiant disorders and developmental difficulties.
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Meeting Your Child Where They Are

Our objective is to help children realize their full potential through psychological assessment and treatment.