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"Learning is a kind of amalgam of three things: understanding, remembering and utilizing. Schools, and many kids unfortunately, have come to think that learning is memorizing."


Supervision for Registration as a Psychologist

Dr. Limbos welcomes inquiries by students, interns, residents and registrants for clinical practicum and supervision experiences. Dr. Limbos believes in being an active participant in the training and supervision process and will strive to provide you with an excellent clinical experience.

Research Supervision

Dr. Limbos also welcomes inquiries by students at all levels of training to participate in her active program of clinical research. Dr. Limbos can assist in any number of ways including:

  • Acting as thesis supervisor
  • Acting as a thesis advisor or committee member
  • Supervising research projects for undergraduate courses
  • Involving you as a volunteer or summer student on current research projects

Whether you have your own research idea that matches our areas of interest or would like to take on a part of a current research project, we would be happy to get you involved.