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Psychologist Vancouver

Dr. Limbos practices clinical psychology in Vancouver and across the lower mainland. The main office of her psychology practice is in Vancouver, however, she also has office space to practice psychology in Coquitlam, Squamish, Surrey, and Chilliwack.  For individuals requiring a psychology assessment in Vancouver or the lower mainland, it is usually easy for Dr. Limbos to travel to any one of her office locations to complete the assessment. For individuals requiring therapy, remediation, treatment or follow up on a regular basis(e.g., weekly), it will usually be preferable to see Dr. Limbos at her psychology practice in Vancouver.  This is due to the fact the Dr. Limbos practices psychology regularly in Vancouver, and may only travel to other locations on an irregular basis.  At the current time, Dr. Limbos practices psychology in Vancouver most days of the week, Coquitlam one day every second week, and Squamish at less frequent intervals.  Please feel free to call Dr. Limbos to discuss your particular needs and preferences. 

Choosing a psychologist in Vancouver can seem like an overwhelming task, but it important to keep in mind the location, fees, and most importantly the experience and areas of specialty of the psychologist.  While Dr. Limbos is certified to practice psychology with adults and children, she is specialised in the assessment and treatment of children.  In addition to reviewing the website and credentials of a psychologist, it may also be useful to ask the psychologist what their area(s) of expertise are.

All individuals with the designation of psychologist in Vancouver or anywhere in the British Columbia must be registered with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia and their registration number is typically contained on their website or advertisement.  As a registered psychologist in Vancouver, Dr. Limbos is able to conduct psychological evaluations, and perform psychotherapy and other treatments within her identified scope of practice in psychology.  For more information about what a psychologist can do visit our FAQ section and to better under stand Dr. Limbos' areas of experience and expertise in Psychology, please see the About sections of this website.