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Dr. Limbos is Currently Not Accepting New Patients for Counselling or Psychotherapy

Child, Adolescent and Family Counseling

Dr. Limbos specializes in providing child counseling, adolescent counseling and family counseling services. Dr. Limbos has a Masters of Social Work and a Doctorate in School and Child Clinical Psychology, which have provided her with a wide array of counseling experiences. She has worked in hospital and outpatient settings, with children with autism and developmental delays, as well as with families, adults, teens and children with serious medical and behavioral concerns.

The Counseling Process

Determining the right plan for counseling for your child, adolescent or family is typically discussed briefly by telephone and then in more detail on an initial intake visit. During this visit, the presenting concerns and goals of the counseling are discussed. Subsequent visits with the child alone, parents alone, or entire family together will take place to better determine the current concerns and to plan the approach to counseling. Counseling then usually takes place over 50 minute sessions on a weekly basis. Counseling can be long term or short term, typically lasting not less than 12 weeks in duration. Dr. Limbos will discuss your individual needs and goals on a case by case basis.

Counseling Services Across the Lower Mainland: Vancouver, Coquitlam, Surrey, Squamish, Whistler

In addition to her main offices in Vancouver and Coquitlam, Dr. Limbos tries to service clients in need of counseling throughout the lower mainland through offices in Surrey, Squamish and Whistler. Dr. Limbos has weekly clinics in Vancouver and Coquitlam allowing for regular and ongoing counseling sessions at these locations. Dr. Limbos travels to Surrey, Squamish and Whistler on request, however, she may not be able to offer weekly counseling at these locations. Dr. Limbos will try her best to accommodate the needs of clients across the lower mainland but this may require some travel by clients to her regular offices in Coquitlam and Vancouver. Please feel free to discuss you particular counseling needs with Dr. Limbos.