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On March 25, 2016, Dr. Limbos will be moving to a new office location in Coquitlam. She will now be providing services on the 2nd Floor, Unit 211, of the Lincoln Centre, located at 3030 Lincoln Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3B 6B4.

Dr. Limbos' office will be located within the "Headquarters Office Services" (Unit 211). Please check in with the reception desk, and then take a seat in the waiting area. Dr. Limbos will be notified of your arrival, and will come out to meet you at your scheduled appointment time.

Dr. Limbos' phone number, (604) 346-6505, will remain the same. However, if you need to reach the reception of Headquarters Office Services for a last minute cancellations, or to notify Dr. Limbos that you will be late, you may call:(604) 942-6322. Please note that the receptionists at this location do not make bookings or cancellations for Dr. Limbos. For any bookings, cancellations or inquiries, please continue to contact Dr. Limbos (604) 346-6505 or Marizel (, directly. Dr. Limbos will also be continuing to provide services at her Vancouver locations.