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A final discovery in our understanding of primary care providers' use of standardized developmental screening tests is the existence of several barriers to developmental screening. Providers were asked to list their level of agreement with a number of statements about barriers to developmental screening. A perception of lack of time to perform developmental screening and lack of sufficient reimbursement for screening were suffiently more common among those who did not perform developmental screening than those who did. When asked to rank the one most significant barrier to developmental screening, providers indicated lack of time (n=77, 30.7%), followed by lack of familiarity with standardized screening tools (n=64, 25.5%). Lack of resources in the community to deal with individuals with developmental delay (n=33, 13.1%) and insufficient reimbursement for time spent on screening were also reported as barriers. Other significant barriers included a perceived lack of access to standardized tests (5.6%) and perceived cost of purchasing tests (2.4%), as well as lack of evidence for benefits of screening (2.4%).

Coquitlam Psychologist Dr. Marjolaine Limbos (