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Dr. Limbos just returned from Toronto where she presented at the annual Family Medicine Forum conference. The speech, entitled: "Autism Spectrum Disorder: Screening/Diagnosis & Management of Psychiatric & Physical Co-Morbidities" focused on best practices in screening for autism spectrum disorders, as well as how to diagnose autism once the diagnosis is suspected. Dr. Limbos' portion of the speech focused on the multi-disciplinary nature of the diagnostic process, new changes to the classification of autism in the DSM-V (due to be published in 2013), as well as important considerations in the differential diagnosis of autism. The talk was well attended, with a packed room of family physician who brought forward many interesting and thoughtful questions. To see a copy of the final speech, click here. Dr. Limbos is specialised in providing assessment and management for complex developmental concerns including autism and can be reached directly at (604) 346-6505 to set up a consultation.

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