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"In healthy human development the need for nurturance is as basic as the need for food."

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Dr. Limbos is a Registered Psychologist, Specializing in Child Psychology

Marjolaine Limbos is a psychologist, registered to practice psychology in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. She has over 12 years of University education, including a Master of Social Work, Master of Arts in Psychology and Doctorate in School and Child Clinical Psychology. Her clinical work and training experiences have spanned from work in hospitals, schools, treatment centres and outpatient multidisciplinary assessment clinics. She specializes in child psychology and has worked with children with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, developmental, learning and intellectual disabilities, medical conditions and social-emotional problems.

Dr. Limbos has an active involvement in research and teaching, having recently taught as an Assistant Professor at Laurentian University in the Department of Psychology and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. She is currently affiliated with the University of British Columbia, where she holds the appointment of Clinical Assistant Professor and has an active research program on screening for developmental and learning disabilities in children, and the psychological outcomes of children with rare genetic syndromes.